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Safety tiles
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Safet Tiles

DINOFLEX Playtiles and Safety Tiles are safe, low maintenance and durable with a very attractive appearance.
DINOFLEX even offers the widest color range of the entire industry.
On this page you can select a color for your safety tile.
For more design options, go to the Playtiles page.

Indoor or Outdoor

Compare and you'll discover that DINO FLEX using the highest quality crumb rubber products, our products excel in quality, durability and appearance.


DINOFLEX Playtiles and Safety tiles are resiliently Play flooring,
to provide a safe surface to play around.
DINOFLEX Playtiles and Safety tiles are porous and slip resistant, and ensures a dry, comfortable and safe floor to play.

Interlock System

DINOFLEX Playtiles and Safety tiles has an "Interlock" system, which means that our gaming floors laid loose and there is no glue in sight.
This system also ensures that the tiles fit naturally and so easy to install, while vandalism have no chance!


It is also possible to create your company logo or Playground association logo in the tiles. This provides you another exclusive look at your playground.


The safety tiles are 50 x 50 cm.
And these are available in three different thicknesses;

  1. 4 cm thick, which are safe for devices with a height
    of up to 90 cm.
  2. 5.5 cm thick, which are safe for devices with a height
    of up to 150 cm.
  3. 9 cm thick, which are safe for devices with a height
    of up to 180 cm.

Click here for a list of colors.





These are Safety Tiles with the same characteristics and dimensions.

Only Playtiles have different designs and are only offered in sets.
Playtiles have the following designs:

  • Hopscotch
  • Alphabet Series
  • Traffic Series
  • Aerospace Series
  • Animals Series

The Playtiles are a fun and attractive addition to the Safety Tiles.
Dinoflex is one of the few suppliers who can supply such designs of playground tiles.


Click here for an overview of the colour options.



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