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Evolution Line


Is our latest collection, this collection is especially created for the commercial demand for rubber floor tiles and growing demand for sustainable flooring.
Rubber flooring and especially in Tiles are currently a popular flooring product.

The Evolution line is developed by and for architects, this is based on natural elements, sustainable building (green building) and of course we pay close attention to environmentally conscious development of our rubber flooring.

Below the Evolution Line colors are available;

E63 E50 E51 E55 E62
E61 E66 E48 E41 E63
E42 E52 E54 E56 E45
E57 E59 E60 E64 E46
E65 E67 E68 E69 E58
E82 E83 E43 E44  

Imagination "NEW"

Artic Night Banana Pepper Bell Pepper Black Ice Blue berry twist
Calypso Blue Calypso Green Calypso Red Calypso Yellow Clear Water
Corkwood Cracked pepper Dogwood Driftwood Firestorm
Fireweed Fireworks Glacier Ice Grape Twist Green pepper
Harbor mist Hot Pepper Ice Berg Icicles Jalapeno pepper
Lemon Pepper Muskwood Niagara Mist Nordic Fog Plum Twist
Red Pepper Rip Tide RoseWood Sandlewood Snow Drift
Sweet Pepper Tidal Pool Twilight Mist Wind Chill Winter Green


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